About us - Furugården

Furugården is a peaceful place that strives for friendly interactions among the staff and guests. This means that we are open to all people and respect the personal freedom of each individual person, but we are also there for our guests when they would like assistance with personal matters.


The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone can make a cup of coffee or tea by themselves if they want or swing by the kitchen. Our hostess, Anita Zimmermann, makes sure that all guests feel at home and ensures a friendly, caring coexistence. Guests will find the opportunity for lively discussions or space for peace and quiet.

Anita Zimmermann - Furugarden
Anita Zimmermann, Hostess

"I am delighted to offer you in Furugarden a home away from home in a harmonic, peaceful atmosphere where you will feel among good old friends. Leave the everyday life behind and relax. It means a lot to me, that you will feel comfortable in Furugarden and that you can deeply enjoy your staying with us."

Anita Zimmermann